🐣 Happy Easter to all those celebrating ✝️

🌅 Today I’d like to share a couple of interesting Easter-related links, starting with a nice article in the WHFP on Hebridean Easter traditions:

“Early one Easter Sunday when I was about eight, my father came into the bedroom I shared with my sister and said: “Èirichibh, feuch am faic sibh a’ ghrian a’ dannsa!” – ‘Get up and see the sun dancing!’

As I sleepily got out of bed and tried looking at the sun as it rose over Beinn a’ Mhuilinn, it did appear to be dancing as I blinked to adjust my focus, the colours burning into my vision!

Easter is probably my favourite time of year. As we come out of the dark winter months the dawn chorus returns, lambs are born and flowers begin to blossom.

Being brought up on the predominantly Catholic island of South Uist I also associate it with the returning of chocolate to the kitchen cupboard after the long period of Lent!”

📰 Read the rest of the article here on the West Highland Free Press website ⬅️

🐇 Next, here’s a brilliant article from Norwegian historian Maria Kvilhaug addressing many modern myths surrounding Easter traditions in general throughout Europe – where did the egg, rabbit etc symbolism come from? What about claims of connections with ancient Goddesses like Ēostre & Ishtar? Head over to Maria’s site to learn more ⬅️

🧙🏻‍♀️ Lastly, again not Scotland specific but very interesting info about the history behind the “Easter Witches” tradition of Sweden that has some similarities to historical witchcraft belief in Scotland – for example there being certain times when you’d be more vulnerable to supernatural attacks & that there were things you could do to protect yourself – over on Daily JSTOR ⬅️ (Thanks to my Dad for sending it to me the other day ☺️)

Happy Easter Victorian-style lol – shared by University of Aberdeen ⬆️

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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