The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye (My Photo)


I decided to create this wee space as a way to have the content of posts I’ve made on Scottish history, folklore etc across social media all in one place. In addition I sometimes write longer articles especially for the blog on here.

I’m from Scotland & I’m very passionate about our history, folklore & culture, so it’s important to me to share as accurate information as possible from reliable sources.

The posts on this site will appear in the “Blog” section & be categorised using tags. A list of tags can be found either near the top of the sidebar or near the bottom of the page, depending on the device you’re using – click/tap a tag to see all posts related to that topic. There’s also a search function & an additional “Resources” section for links, books etc. (All posts include sources, but again I think it’s helpful to have things all together in one place as well).

The Adder

Wee adder at Dunadd Fort – the only time I’ve ever managed to get a glimpse of these often elusive creatures 🐍📸

Some are surprised to learn that we have snakes in Scotland but indeed we do! Adders are our only venomous snake but generally they’re not dangerous if sensible precautions are taken with both people & animals. Of course some people don’t like snakes, but I do, plus adders are a Protected Species in the whole of the UK & have some interesting folklore associated with them, appear to be carved on Pictish stones etc. So, I decided to name this site in their honour.

For more adder facts see The Scottish Wildlife Trust, Nature Scot & Southern Upland Way.

3D model of an example of a Pictish stone with possible adder on it – ‘Aberlemno A’ by Douglas Ledingham (also known as Aberlemno No.1):

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