Some Seasonal Spookiness – not just for Halloween!

🗓 Bealltainn, one of the 4 Gaelic Fire Festivals/Old Quarter Days is coming up tomorrow night, & since these are times of year when Otherworldly beings are traditionally believed to more active I thought I’d share some accounts of strange goings on in an abandoned Highland lodge 🏔

🎙 Have a listen to “Case 10: Don’t Sleep in this House” & “Case 11: The Curse of Luibeilt” on BBC’s Uncanny podcast to hear climber Phil tell of his story of what he experienced at Luibeilt then later on in his Glasgow flat – there are also wee updates in the Case 12 & 15 episodes if I remember rightly: listen here or wherever you usually listen to podcasts ⬅️

👻 Or you can read a bit about the case if you rather do that than listen here with this summary on Spooky Isles 💻

🥾 Also here for Phil’s enquiry & the responses he got on this climbing site 💬

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland is of course chock-full of ghost stories from isolated bothies to busy cities, so no surprise podcasts like Uncanny feature some Scottish locations as well as Scottish expert paranormal psychologists etc📍

🎧 If you enjoyed those Uncanny episodes I’d highly recommend the whole series as well as Danny Robins’ other podcasts Haunted & The Battersea Poltergeist – featuring both staunch believers & hardened skeptics many interesting themes are explored such as grief, trauma, fear, memory & perception 🧠

(🐍 What’s a Gaelic Fire Festival/Old Quarter Day? Have a read of one of my previous articles here 🔥)

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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