Building a list of useful online resources, reading recommendations, podcasts etc on these pages divided by topics which you can jump to using the links further down this front page. Will update it every so often & add links to any posts in the Blog on particular sources 📚

Additionally, it’s worth remembering that you can check sites like Internet Archive, Google Books & Sacred Texts (depending on the subject) to see if any books you’re looking for are available free online, particularly if you’re on a budget or just need quick access. If looking to buy a book that you’re having difficulty finding where you usually shop, Abe Books & Book Depository can be helpful sites to have a look on 🔍

See links below to jump to particular resource topic pages:

⚡️Research Tips

⚡️History & Archaeology (Overview)

⚡️Picts – Culture, Language, Decline


⚡️Scotland’s Role in the British Empire & the Slave Trade



⚡️Folklore, Folk Customs & Folk Magic

⚡️Witchcraft Beliefs & The Witch Trials


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