🎅🏻Merry Christmas 🎄Nollaig Chridheil ⭐️Blythe Yule to all celebrating!

🥃 Thinking of those we can’t be with in person & remembering those we’ve lost too – this time of year can be both enjoyable & bitter sweet, so I hope everyone is taking care of themselves 🕯

🍿 If you’re looking for a wee Christmas film to watch that’s also Scottish, you might like:

🎶 Or a fun Scottish twist on a classic Christmas tune:

👻 Or for those who like a good ghost story at Christmas, this one set in a Scottish castle with creepy stuff happening in mirrors is a chilling read in the Glasgow Times online

🐍 Finally, of course feel free to have a read of previous blog posts on Christmas/Yule such as Scotland’s Interesting Relationship with Christmas & Norse Pagan Yule Myths

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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