Norse Pagan Yule Myths

(🎄Very obvious what time of year this was originally shared lol..)

Not the shortest read but definitely worth it – a fascinating “debunkathon” (lol) of some of the misconceptions re: Christmas traditions & pre-Christian Norse practices/beliefs 🙂

Note: the first part of the article is the inaccurate information unfortunately posted by the Largs Viking Festival, so please don’t give up in frustration before getting to the part where the author – Dr Ragnhild Ljosland, from Norway but based in Orkney – starts breaking it down

🎅🏻 Read the article on Brodgar ⬅️

➕When asked for comment Largs Viking Festival replied that they would read the article & take it from there, so hopefully this year we’ll see better info shared 🤞🏻

🎥 For more in a similar vein, but in video form, there’s also “Odin isn’t Santa Claus” by Dr Jackson Crawford, from the US & still based there, duration: just under 9mins

(📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel)

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