The Picts – Religion

Just wanted to share this video for anyone who is interested in the Picts or just Scottish history in general, especially in relation to pre-Christian spiritual beliefs 🙂

Unfortunately we know very little about Pictish pre-Christian beliefs, so when it comes to reconstructing Scottish paganism it’s Scottish Gaelic Polytheism that people must base their practice on.

However research by archaeologists etc is still ongoing, & in this video Dr Kelly Kirlpatrick outlines her argument that at least some of the figures depicted on Pictish stones may be those of Pictish deities. She draws on examples from other European cultures – such as Norse – in order to show why she thinks this as they have at least some of their mythology surviving in written form today while the Picts sadly don’t. Of course this is still very sparse & speculative info, but interesting all the same I think 😊

🖥 Watch the lecture above (duration about 55 mins) or here

(📸 Featured Photo Credit: Me)

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