The Sea Road by Owlyn Owen – part of the Making of Scotland series

Brodgar – based in Orkney, see the “Norse”, “Viking” & “Norse & Viking” sections of the journal, for example a useful one is on Norse Pagan Yule Myths

Scottish Society for Northern Studies – based in Edinburgh, events & open access scholarly research on Scandinavian, “Celtic” & Scottish history, as well as historical relationships between these cultures

The Viking Answer Lady – not Scotland focused but a good online source for Old Norse culture etc

The Welsh Viking YouTube Channel – again not Scotland focused, but a good progressive channel run by a Welsh man based in Scotland with an academic research background, so he does a lot of myth busting regarding Old Norse culture amongst other things, for example: Is the Helm of Awe really a Viking symbol? & Wild Men, Vikings & Toxic Masculity!

“Beyond hostility and hypermasculinity: why we need to think differently about the vikings by Dr Christian Cooijmans, an expert on viking & early medieval history

GaldrasĂ˝ning á Ströndum – Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft, Iceland (site available in Icelandic & English)