Scotland’s Role in the British Empire & the Slave Trade

A lecture about slavery in Guyana & Suriname by Scottish Highlanders – more details & summary in this Blog post.

How a slave-owner’s daughter made a life in Scotland – interview with Dr David Alston about his research on Eliza Junor who came to Scotland from Guyana in 1816. See also website of Scottish Gaelic film based on her life

Info, articles etc on the legacy of slavery in Glasgow museums, archives & collections & also here.

Online Empire Museum

1745 ‚Äď An Untold Story of Slavery – read more info here too.

The Myth of Scottish Slaves – article by Dr Stephen Mullen, University of Glasgow

Why the Shadow of Slavery Hangs Heavy over Greenock – article by Shaun Kavanagh

Robert Burns and Slavery – lesser known details about the life of our ‚ÄėNational Bard‚Äô

The ‚ÄúMoorish Lassies‚ÄĚ of the Scottish Royal Court in the early 1500s, Ellen and Margaret – featuring video presentation by Black Scottish writer, editor & historian Tomiwa Folorunso – no ‚Äúlavish lifestyle‚ÄĚ could possibly make up for what those poor girls must have gone through being stripped of their birth names, being used as status symbols, & never seeing their home country nor families again‚Ķ

Article about Tom Jenkins, who was sent to Britain from West Africa by his father for an education Рhe ended up in the Scottish Borders via Liverpool & is thought to have become Britain’s first Black school teacher Рwhile not an enslaved person himself, the ship he arrived in Liverpool on also carried enslaved people & was captained by a man from the Scottish Borders

‚ÄúHighlanders’ sex slave past unearthed‚ÄĚ – interview with Dr Karley Kehoe about her research & disturbing finds of letters detailing sexual abuse of enslaved people in the West Indies

History behind the old cave church on the Isle of Rona – read about how slavery & the Highland clearances played a part in this article written in Scottish Gaelic & English