The Highland Clans – brilliant, free, 3 week online course run by the University of Glasgow covering the rise of the clans, clan & wider Gaelic culture, clan feuds, Jacobites, the Highland Clearances & clans today in a sensitive manner

“Did Gaelic kinship custom lock out women?”– interesting article in the WHFP by a PhD student based in the Outer Hebrides

The Age of the Clans by Robert Dodgshon – part of the Making of Scotland series

Scot Clans – a great wee site were you can search for general info, history etc on each clan

The Scottish Register of Tartans FAQs – overview briefly covering the history of “clan tartans”, identifying tartans, which tartan you should wear etc

Scottish Tartans Authority – more background info on “clan tartans”, the vast majority of which came to be *after* the decline of the clan system during a period of romanticisation & commercialisation

“Act of Proscription 1746 The Tartan Ban – Fact or Myth?” – brilliant, balanced article by Scottish tartan historian Peter MacDonald debunking the myth that all tartan was banned during Proscription & detailing what actually was banned, how it worked etc. (You can read other articles on his website)

The Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan – a modern tradition invented in America

Stories of Scotland Podcast, Season 7 – episode 1 (linked) is about Culloden followed by further related episodes on that plus clan culture in general. Warning: the Culloden episodes get quite distressing & emotional at times

Culloden (Peter Watkins,1964) – decent enough short film made in an interesting docudrama style, a couple of wee inaccuracies – such as saying “English Government Army” at the beginning but correcting themselves later with “British”, acknowledging there were Scots & indeed clans on both sides etc – but still worth the watch overall. Be warned it can also get distressing given the subject matter