Picts – Culture, Language, Decline

Imputed genomes and haplotype-based analyses of the Picts of early medieval Scotland reveal fine-scale relatedness between Iron Age, early medieval and the modern people of the UK (2023)

“Shedding new light on Scotland’s mysterious Picts” – brilliant, very useful article giving an overview of up-to-date research & archaeological findings (as of May 2022)

Surviving in Symbols by Martin Carver – part of the Making of Scotland series

The King in the North by Gordon Noble

The Northern Picts Project – they also have a Facebook page

Tarbat Discovery Centre – Podcast & Website

Gaelic in Medieval Scotland Covers the rise of Gaelic language, culture & Christianity in Scotland & its effect on Pictish language & culture

Alba by Stephen Driscoll – part of the Making of Scotland Series, covers the decline of Pictish culture & language in relation to that of Scottish Gaelic, interactions with the Norse etc

The Highland Pictish Trail – great, informative site not only for what you can see on the trail but for info on the Picts in general

Brilliant wee collection of Pictish Symbol Stone 3D models online

Playlist of various videos on the Picts from the Scottish Society of Northen Studies

Discussion of Matriliny in Pictish Society

The Govan Stones Project

The Pictish Arts Society

BBC in Our Time Episode on Picts with Katherine Forsyth, Gordon Noble & Alex Woolf