Research Tips

⭐️ First, a note on what to keep in mind when trying to find good sources of info on Scottish history, folklore etc for yourself:

Look for Scottish sources if possible, particularly when it comes to folklore, religion & other things related to culture – nobody knows these things better than the people who actually grew up with them (or have at least spent a significant amount of time in Scotland).

While older books can absolutely contain useful info – such as accounts of folklore – they sometimes also contain outdated ideas that have since been superseded by new evidence. For example, Victorian Antiquarians thought Celts, Anglo-Saxons etc were races who wiped out other races through mass invasion; but thanks to advances in archaeology, genetics & linguistics we now know that this wasn’t the case – these are labels for related culture & language groups, not races.

On a related note, biases of the author can also be something to watch out for whether they come from the society surrounding them at the time – such as assuming gender roles were the same in the past – or from personal things such as their own religion.

The above leads on to another point – possible agendas. Just as we have to consider what the effects were on pre-Christian legends being written down by Christians, for example, we also have to be aware that there are cases of modern paganism & witchcraft groups trying to ‘paganise’ things – claiming there to be an unbroken line of pagan practice from pre-Christian times until now, &/or going on about “Pan-European Pagan Witch Cults” in relation to the Witch Trials are a couple of common false claims.

Watch out for your own biases too. I’ve unfortunately been in some spaces where people can easily accept the likes of Christianity being pulled up for biases, cultural appropriation etc; but when it comes to other religions being pulled up – Wicca is an infamous example – then it’s outrage lol…The same standards have to apply to everything & if a certain belief system keeps having issues with it pointed out then please take the time to seriously look into why that is.

⭐️ With that out of the way, on to the resources starting over the page…