💛 Latha Buidhe Bealltainn Sona Dhuibh & Happy May Day!

🔥 Latha Buidhe Bealltainn Sona Dhuibh to those celebrating, & Happy May Day/International Worker’s Day too 💪🏻

🌞 Following on from the Scottish Gaelic traditions posted yesterday, I thought I’d post today about 1st May also being International Workers’ Day – this traditional time of change from Spring to Summer is also a time with a newer tradition of protesting to improve the rights of workers 🪧

🎙 Have a read of a speech given by Trade Unionist Jimmy Reid from Govan on being elected as the rector in 1972 ⬇️

📰 See also: May Day events are held every year in various locations throughout Scotland, for example this year in Glasgow, & here’s lovely image of kids at a 1924 parade shared today by the Glasgow Archives FB page ⬇️

💻 Some further reading on the general history behind May Day can be found here.

🎶 I’ll end with a wee seasonal song that’s not Scottish but an Old Middle English song believed to be one that we have the oldest written record for (fans of The Wicker Man will recognise it lol) – click the link above to view manuscript & lyrics, or see below to listen to a version on YouTube ⬇️

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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