Women’s History Month 2022 Highlights – fashion, health, folklore & trailblazers 💫

Wee highlights post incase anyone has missed the Facebook page posts or wants to come to the info at a later date as things are easier to find on here 🔍 If you do have Facebook please consider giving the page a wee like if you haven’t already, & if you don’t there’s a widget either near the bottom or at the right-hand side of this site – depending on what device you’re using – that should allow to have a look at what’s happening on FB if you want to 🐍👀

⬇️ I’ll put the fashion info below then divide the rest into pages for ease of reference/speed:

🧵Some fashion history for Women’s History Month🪡

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Have a watch of this brilliant wee video of a dress historian reconstructing what’s commonly referred to as a “French Hood”, but interestingly what *may* potentially be more accurately called a “Scottish Hood”:

⭐️ Something important to note is that historically women in Scotland would have usually worn their hair up in some way or at least braided; then certainly in the centuries following conversion to Christianity they would have also covered it with veils, hoods & caps etc, particularly if they were married 👰🏻 Therefore there were long periods of our history when wearing your hair loose & completely uncovered would have been quite scandalous!

🧶 Bonus fashion history myth busting – corsets, stays, bodies etc are another thing that have a lot of misconceptions floating around about them, which are unfortunately often encouraged by films showing tight-lacing scenes etc as if that was the norm. In fact, these were just normal pieces of underwear worn for support by women of *all* classes, so not just posh ‘ladies’ but working-class women who had to be able to do really hard, physical work whilst wearing them. These myths aren’t specific to Scotland but are certainly part of our history & now our pop-culture, so if interested you might like watching:



🌟 Also, if you like Tudor fashion in general (though again not Scotland specific) this is a good playlist from another dress historian here 🖥

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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