Official State Apology on International Women’s Day 2022 for All those Accused of Witchcraft during the Scottish Witch Trials

🎥 Watch FM Nicola Sturgeon give an official state apology to all those accused of witchcraft during the Scottish Witch Trials of the Early Modern Period – a historic moment that’s been a long time coming. Link: ⬅️ Keep an eye out for the Public Consultation coming out soon as that’s the next step to achieving a pardon for all those convicted & a national memorial 📝

🎧 You can listen to the apology instead along with the reaction from WoS here on the Witches of Scotland Podcast

📰 Alternatively you can read some details if you’re not able to watch or listen at the moment here in this news article

✨ This additional article about what obtaining a pardon for those convicted of witchcraft historically might mean for those who identify as witches & pagans today may also be of interest: have a read on the brilliant The Cailleach’s Herbarium website – personally I think education on how the definition of witchcraft has changed over the years is key to helping people understand & process this 🔑

Now on to the legislative pardon & national memorial 💪🏻

Lilias by Heal & Harrow – a song in memory of Lilias Adie who was accused of witchcraft but died in prison before being convicted, so she is one of the people the apology was so important to get for as well as a pardon because a pardon wouldn’t cover cases like hers, only those that were convicted

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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