Happy St Bride’s Day/Là Fhèill Brìghde or Imbolc/Imbolg to those celebrating 🔥

Read about various traditions associated with this day regarding St Brìde, animals such as the adder & charms to be performed here in this brilliant article in the West Highland Free Press 📰 – track IDs are also provided if you want to have a listen you can click/tap the links in the article ☺️

You can also have a listen to a story about St Brìde in Scottish Gaelic &/or read the English translation here 🎧 See a picture associated with the story below that I shared last year:

For various designs of St Bride’s crosses used in Scotland, Ireland & the Isle of Man watch here – I’m a fan of the 3 armed version myself. These crosses are often made the night before so they can be blessed by Brìde during the night before being hung in the home, usually above the door, for protection ✨

Since St Bride is associated with healing & holy wells, why not read a wee bit about clootie wells in particular plus helpful guidelines for visiting here – it’s up to all of us to do our bit to protect these ancient, sacred sites 💧

Lastly, some brilliant thoughts on the complex figure of Brìde/Brigid from Monumental Ireland that are well worth the read here ⬅️

📚 If you want to read or watch more in relation to this day or Brìde in general, see related posts such as this post on seasonal Adder Folklore & more, as well as this post featuring a fascinating talk that mentions Brìde towards the end in relation to magical practice, & how stories change with time & culture

📸 Featured photo credit: Pexel


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