Witches of Scotland Petition Progress

📰 Good news for anyone that’s missed it – the Witches of Scotland petition for a pardon, apology & state memorial for all those accused of witchcraft under the Witchcraft Act 1563-1736 has been continued so that they can give evidence to the committee, & to get more details of the Members’ Bill being organised by Natalie Don, MSP.

🎥 Watch it being discussed briefly (starting about 00:09:20) here .

➡️ Read more details about the current status of the Members’ Bill here.

🎶 In related news Heal & Harrow, a Scottish music project, are set to release an album next month inspired by the Scottish Witch Trials of the Early Modern Period – have a listen & pre-order your copy here or wherever you usually listen etc to music to show your support.

🎧 Additionally, Brian Smith of the Shetland Archives recently have a talk about the witch trials in Shetland, giving details on the history, folklore & religion as well as looking at particular cases. There’s also a brief chat with Prof Julian Goodare at the end & mention of the current Witches of Scotland campaign mentioned above. Listen here ⬅️.

🐍 Lastly, for more info on the history of the Witch Trials, Witchcraft etc in Scotland have a look at the relevant topic tags, related articles shown below, &/or the “Witchcraft Beliefs & The Witch Trials” section of the Resource Pages 🔍

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