More Kilmartin Glen Rock Art!

I thought I’d follow up the short post I did a wee while ago highlighting an upcoming presentation on the ancient rock art in Kilmartin Glen with some more info and images ☺️

The Kilmartin Glen area is rich in ancient rock art spanning from the several thousands of years old cup and ring marked stones, to later Gaelic art carved onto some of the stones at Dunadd, a hillfort that was the centre of power for the kingdom of Dál Riata. It’s a fascinating area that’s well worth a visit, and on a personal level the art I saw there – plus it being the only place I’ve seen an adder in the wild as previously mentioned – inspired the logo design for this site 🐍

Firstly, below are a couple of examples of cup and ring marked stones in the area ⬇️

Achnabreck Cup and Ring Marks, same in Featured Photo – interactive 3D model from Historic Environment Scotland
More Achnabreck Cup and Ring Marks – interactive 3D model from Historic Environment Scotland
Cairnbaan West Cup and Ring Marks – interactive 3D model from Historic Environment Scotland

For more information on the archaeology, location etc of these sites – believed to be about 5,000 years old – visit here for Achnabreck and here for Cairnbaan. Remember when visiting these sites to respect them & the environment, plus any wildlife or farm animals that may be around – see The Woven Land Network for helpful guidelines 🗺

Next, below is a great wee presentation on experiencing various types of rock art throughout Scotland incase anyone missed it in the other post ⬇️

Talk by archaeologist Aaron Martin, Kilmartin Museum, about experiencing rock art that features some from Kilmartin Glen – running time: 46mins

Finally, for more info and images on rock art in Kilmartin Glen, such as at Dunadd or at Dunchraigaig (where the first prehistoric animal carvings in Scotland were recently found), you can search sites like:

📸 Featured Photo credit: Me, Kilmartin Glen – Achnabreck rock art featuring distinctive “cup & ring” marks

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