From Guyana to Scotland in 1816 – 14 year old Eliza Junor’s story

Highlighting this lesser known story as part of Black History Month UK 2021 – for more please see The Adder’s Den Facebook page, the Empire & Slavery topic tag & the Scotland’s Role in the British Empire & the Slave Trade section of this site’s Resource pages.

Sadly not much is known about Eliza’s Mum – it’s thought that she was either a descendant of enslaved people in Guyana or possibly an enslaved woman herself – but it is known that her Dad had been a Scottish enslaver in Guyana, then when he returned to Scotland in 1816 her brought 14 year old Eliza & her brother William back to live in Scotland with him.

Read more about Eliza’s life in Scotland here:

Information on a Scottish Gaelic film based on Eliza’s life:

A Scottish Gaelic song, Òran Eliza, was also released:

Details of an informative lecture on Slavery in Suriname & Guyana, particularly the involvement of Highland Scots as slave owners:

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel

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