Witches of Scotland Interview

I was honoured (& nervous lol 😱) to be interviewed by Zoe & Claire – I’m a massive fan of the Witches of Scotland podcast & their very important campaign for justice ☺️

🎧 Caption: “EPISODE 42 JENNIFER WIGHT – THE ADDERS DEN – Listen to Zoe & Claire speak to Jennifer about Scottish folk history and to find out to what extent this connects with the history of those accused as witches. We talk healers, charmers, pagans,japanese anime and much more!” Have a listen here or on whichever podcast platform you prefer (Episode 42, running time: 50 mins)

⚠️ UPDATE SEPT 2022: I am no longer an admin for the SCW Facebook group mentioned in the interview, nor do I associate with its creator nor endorse any of his work due to information about his conduct that has recently come to light. Of course The Adder’s Den Facebook page is continuing as normal as it’s only run by me & has never been related to him or his work etc ⚠️

📣 FURTHER UPDATE OCT 2022: though not originally planned, after receiving several requests I’ve decided to set up my own group – if interested go to The Adder’s Den Facebook page where you’ll find the group link in the featured post &/or the About section 🐍

⭐️ For more information on the Witches of Scotland campaign for an apology for all those accused of witchcraft under the Scottish Witchcraft Act (1563-1736), a pardon for all those prosecuted, & a national monument see their website – they also have a Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram.

🎥 Watch the WoS petition being considered by the Petitions Comittee as mentioned in the episode

🐍 Previous article on the Witch Trials that took place in my hometown of Paisley – written after this interview was given but published before its release

📚 See also the Witchcraft Beliefs & The Witch Trials page in the Resource section for links to resources etc such as The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft also mentioned in the episode.

🏷 Scottish Witch Trials topic tag for more related posts

📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel


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