Slavery in Suriname & Guyana

I’d like to share a lecture I watched recently on Scotland’s involvement in slavery in Suriname & Guyana, plus a couple of links to further resources on Scotland’s involvement in the slave trade as well.

I’ll put a brief summary of the lecture & a screenshot of the main points below.

Summary of lecture:

I thought this was a good, comprehensive lecture on Scotland’s (particularly Highland Scots) involvement with slavery in Suriname & Guyana, both before the Acts of Union & after slavery was made illegal in the British Empire (these were Dutch colonies, so of course Dutch involvement mentioned too). It also mentions indentured labourers from countries like India & the British Government’s role in forcefully removing Guyana’s left wing government in the 1950s as well as the stoking of racial tensions.

💻 Watch the lecture on YouTube

Lecture topics covered – I’m informed that David Alston does great work in sharing his research with the Caribbean community in Scotland which is really good to know

The Empire Museum

Slavery Artefacts, Documents etc in Glasgow Museums

(📸 Featured Photo credit: Pexel)

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